We do conventional commercial printing – business stationery, flyers, brochures, and so on – and magazine printing.

We do long runs and short runs; simple one-colour jobs and the all-singing, all-dancing full monty. We serve international businesses, schools and universities, clubs, professional bodies and individuals.

And unusually for a printer, because of our magazine contracts we have a full raft of complementary services. Click through the links below for a closer look, or contact us directly for more information on any of these services.


You only make one first impression. It should be a good one.

Every PC comes bundled with simple publishing software, so anyone nowadays can prepare their own artwork. That’s a bit like doing your own plumbing, though. Sometimes to get the required result you need professional tools and a professional to use them.

That’s where we come in. We’ve got a design studio and qualified, experienced designers. We can even do your photography for you.

We’ve taken your logo and a few words and laid out any number of business cards over the years, but we’ve also handled countless other projects, such as corporate brochures, newsletters and business folders, doing everything from the design to photography, copywriting and editing. If you have a concept that you can visualize but can’t quite put on the page, talk to us.

And if you’re worried that you’re not making the right impression, maybe we can help.


Be Clear. If you follow only one rule when writing, this must be it.

Misspelling, ambiguity, misplaced punctuation; malapropism, euphemism, colloquialism; too many words, too few. If the writing isn’t clear, nor is the message.

We copywrite for corporate customers, and we copyedit some of our monthly magazines. There’s no job so small that a mistake can’t spoil it – we’ll proofread your business cards if you ask us to.


This is where all of our skills and experience come together: strategic planning, timeline management; story assignment, page planning; writing, editing, layout, printing, distribution. We even manage advertising sales and the occasional reader survey.

We work for a large and diverse mix of special-interest groups, producing single-colour journals for some, full-colour, newsstand-style magazines for others. Print runs range from the high hundreds to many thousands; publication frequency from weekly to monthly and quarterly.

For some customers we print from finished artwork, for others we provide everything from design and editing to database management and mailing.

You know your subject and you know your audience. We’d never presume to tell you your business. But if you’d like a hand as you seek to move your ideas into print, get in touch. We can probably help.


This is the heart of the matter. Putting ink on paper.

We’re a specialist lithographic printer. We run a cutting-edge five-colour press and a chemistry-free platesetter, operated directly from the keyboard. We proof and print to ISO standard so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Litho produces a high-quality impression with accurate and consistent colour reproduction. It’s the most efficient way to go for longer runs. If you need small quantities though, delivered fast, we’ll put them on our digital printer and push your order through in a hurry. We don’t compromise on quality, though, running the digi printer to the same exacting standards as the litho press – and unlike some printers, we don’t charge extra for a fast turnaround.

We do a lot of printing from finished artwork. You give us the art, tell us your paper and size specifications and print run, and we get on with it. But if you’re too busy to create your own documents, or have an idea and lack the time or resources to bring it to fruition, give us a shout. We’d be delighted to handle the origination for you.


If you stuff your own envelopes you’ll appreciate this bit.

We’ve got our own mailing line. We can distribute your work straight from the press, keeping things quick and keeping costs down (we’ve got money-saving contracts with Royal Mail, and we always invoice your postage at cost).

We clean and sort your database and print bespoke address carriers, customized with your name and logo; we then package and prepare for collection and delivery. For most jobs, just hours.

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